Say I remove (or even edit) a row inside a certain table. I have to get a listing of all of the tables that references that specific row (essentially, another tables may have a FK towards the table in which the row was erased from). How do you do that? I am using InnoDB.

Have a look only at that query

select c.table_schema,u.table_name,u.column_name,u.referenced_column_name
from information_schema.table_constraints as c
inner join information_schema.key_column_usage as u
using( constraint_schema, constraint_name )
where c.constraint_type = 'FOREIGN KEY'
and u.referenced_table_schema='your_db_name'
and u.referenced_table_name = 'your_table_name'
order by c.table_schema,u.table_name;

Yet another variant (example with sakila db, table actor) -

SELECT table_schema, table_name, referenced_table_schema, referenced_table_name
  referenced_table_schema = 'sakila' AND referenced_table_name = 'actor'
  constraint_schema, constraint_name;

| table_schema | table_name | referenced_table_schema | referenced_table_name |
| sakila       | film_actor | sakila2                 | actor                 |