I have used my server for testing PHP &lifier MySQL Programs very long time ago.

All of a sudden, After i attempt to execute any query around the any table in almost any database, i recieve just the first row in caused by the query !

I checked the configuration file, and did not see anything strange there.

OS: Linux / Ubuntu 10.04 64bit Server Edition, Web Server: Apache/2.2.14, MySQL Client: 5.1.41, MySQL Server: 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.3 (Ubuntu)

And, I am sure that there are no error during my PHP Code, While after i use phpMyAdmin, i recieve all rows normally !.

Where ought to be the problem ?

It might help should you published your code, but I am speculating that the code does not possess a loop that brings each row.


$Result = mysql_query( $Query );

while( $Row = mysql_fetch_assoc( $Result ) ) //keep going while there are more rows
    print_r( $Row );

mysql_fetch_accoc and mysql_fetch_array functions only return one row at any given time (back to back) so you have to run them for every row.

The issue is together with your code. You've just told us that PHPMYADMIN returns from mySql fine, so clearly the sql server isn't the problem, nor is phpmyadmin.

Your code is wrong, you most likely have (within your super private and excellent code) a restriction one in your staement, or are getting the rows improperly since you are not aware of methods mysql_fetch functions work.

Downvote me because I am a snarky jerk, but whatever.