I have to create a large HTML table with quarterly counts for many (around 50) different groups (areas). I've got a MySQL table with around 16,000 rows that have 'jurisdiction_id' and 'quarter' fields. Regrettably my client does not want the resulting are accountable to be paginated. Wouldso would I create a good MySQL query by which to generate this type of table with PHP and HTML? Please visit the look for that preferred finish-result.

Table Title: assessments

Relevant Table Fields:

  • id
  • jurisdiction_id
  • quarter

Image Showing Preferred Finish Result: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/8fd7ca2530.png

I am a SQL newb, so please tell me if you want more details to be able to give a useful response.

Many thanks for the help.

Something similar to this ought to be fine:

SELECT jurasdiction_id, quarter, COUNT(*) AS num
FROM inspections
GROUP BY jurasdiction_id, quarter