I understand that most likely you cannot do that, but would like to take a look along with you, men... Can you really make a move such as this, using MySQL? I wish to search in most fields all tables confirmed string:

Choose * FROM * WHERE * LIKE '%stuff%'

This can be used project: http://code.google.com/p/anywhereindb

This can search all of the data in most table.

For those who have phpmyadmin installed use it's 'Search' feature.

  • Choose your db
  • Make sure to will have a DB selected and never a table...or you receive a different search dialog
  • Click 'Search' tab
  • Pick the search phrase you would like
  • Pick the tables to look

I have tried personally this on as much as 250 table/10GB databases (on the fast server) and also the response time is simply amazing.

you are able to look in to the information_schema table. It's a listing of all of the tables and all sorts of the fields which are within the table. After that you can run queiries while using information you have become out of this table.

You could do this an SQLDump on the table (and it is data) then search that file.

You could utilize


Then obtain the posts in individuals tables (inside a loop) with

SHOW Posts FROM table

after which with this info create several queries which you'll also UNION if you want.

But this really is very heavy around the database. Specifically if you're carrying out a LIKE search.

function searchAllDB($search)choose * from ".$table." where "

            $sql_search_fields = Array()

            $sql2 = "SHOW Posts FROM ".$table

            $rs2 = $mysqli->query($sql2)

            if($rs2->num_rows > )



            $sql_search .= implode(" OR ", $sql_search_fields)

            $rs3 = $mysqli->query($sql_search)

            $out .= $rs3->num_rows."n"

            if($rs3->num_rows > )




    return $out

Dumping the SQL file was most likely the fastest and quickest for me personally. Also discovered one other issue anyways..

This is actually the easiest query to retrive all Posts and Tables


All of the tables or individuals with specific string in title might be looked via Search tab in phpMyAdmin.

Have Nice Query... ^.^/