I'm a newcomer to MySQL and also have a project by which I have to design a database which will store reactions from a web-based questionnaire. Reviews will have to be written in the data. Does anybody have tips about which kind of fields to make use of? The questions will either possess a Yes No answer, a range of 4 options from very satisfied to very dis-satisfied or multipul choice. It's mainly the option questions that I am unsure on, when i will have to have the ability to product a study to exhibit the share of satisfied clients. I understand it's most likely really fundamental, but I'd rather not fail.

Perhaps you have investigated a choice of using something similar to SurveyMonkey for the questionnaire?

In the event that does not suit, there is a thread on MySQL's forum which might help: Database design for multiple choice questionnaire results?

A number of this is dependent on the style of laptop computer - could it be single or multi-page if multi-page, are you currently storing the information because the user moves from page to page, or simply in the finish, etc. I believe the greatest problem is whether or not just one survey response will match just one database row or whether just one survey response might be split across multiple rows. Clearly the previous is what you want if whatsoever possible.

For that multi-choice questions particularly, I'd use either INT or ENUM posts identifying the fraction of respondants responding to inside a particular way is a straightforward "Choose ... GROUP BY " query.