I've a lot of text data I have to import into MySQL. I am carrying this out on the Mac laptop and do not have sufficient space for this so I wish to store it within an exterior hard disk (I am not necessarily worried about speed at this time - case for testing).

What's the easiest method to get it done?

  • Install MySQL around the exterior hard disk (is possible on the Mac?)
  • Install MySQL around the laptop's hard disk and also have the tables around the exterior (how?)

One easy hack would be to create an symbolic link changing your present mysql database file location pointing towards the exterior disk. Google symbolic link.

sample usage could be once you shutdown mysql, alter the old mysql db folder title to another thing, and make the symbolic link while using ln command like below


Then move all of the previous content from the mysql db folder towards the new location.

For that second item, a tablespace might have the desired effect: