In wordpress, custom posts are locked in the wp_posts table, as well as their ID is recommended in another table wp_meta using the following posts post_id, meta_key, meta_value

Let us say I've got a recipe known as pudding in wp_posts, as well as in wp_meta I've 3 meta_keys: "time_for_preparation", "ingredients", "difficulty"

How do you write a mysql query that returns us a single row using the 3 meta_secrets?

Basically do an inner join I'll just see 3 teams of "pudding", each with similar wp_posts data and something different meta_key

Things I want is really a single row of pudding together with meta_secrets

can that be achieved?

create table wp_post
 id int identity(1,1),
 name nvarchar(200) 

create table wp_meta
  id int identity(1,1),
   postid int,
  metaname nvarchar(200)

insert into wp_post select 'Apple'

insert into wp_meta select 1,'red'

select * from wp_post
select  * from wp_meta

select *
 ,stuff((select  ', ' +metaname from wp_meta where for xml path('')), 1, 1,' ')
 from wp_post as w

this really is all made by me in MS SQL Server

for altering this into you can observe this publish that have for MYSql how-do-i-create-a-comma-separated-list-using-a-sql-query


when i do not have mysql however i attempted to transform this using the url which i've recommended you and so i think this is in mysql like below

         GROUP_CONCAT(m.meta_key, ',')
    FROM wp_post w
    JOIN wp_meta m ON m.post_id=