I am managing a django application on apache with mod_wsgi. The apache error log is clean aside from one mysterious error.

Exception exceptions.TypeError: "'NoneType' object is not callable" in <bound method SharedSocket.__del__ of <httplib.SharedSocket instance at 0x82fb138c>> ignored

I realize that which means that some code is attempting to call SharedSocket.del, but it's None. I've no clue exactly what the reason for your is, or how to pull off fixing it. Also, this error is marked as overlooked. Additionally, it does not appear to become leading to any actual problems apart from filling the log file with error messages. Must I even bother attempting to repair it?

Chances are this is originating about because while handling the best an additional exception is happening inside the destructor of the object being destroyed which the second exception is not able to become elevated due to the condition from the pending one. Within Python C API particulars of these could be written direct to error log by PyErr_WriteUnraisable().

So, it is not the del technique is None, however, many variable it's attempting to use from code performed inside the del technique is None. You should consider the code for SharedSocket.del to sort out exactly what's going on.

Note: this really is much more of a pointer than a solution, however i could not get this operate in a comment.

Used to do some googling on the error message there appears to become a number of related issues that appear in Apache + mod_wsgi + MySQL conditions. The reason might be that you're drained of synchronised connections to MySQL due to process pooling, with every process maintaining a wide open link with the DB server. You will find also signs that some non-thread-safe code might be utilized in a multi-thread atmosphere. Best of luck.