This can be a question about arranging plenty of images inside a web project. Say you'd the next two symbols inside a web project that represeneted, for instance, an item selected or perhaps a product not selected:

product selected icons

An amount you title them?

Appears an easy question, however i suspect naming images is one thing of the art.

For instance:

  • star_active.png and star_inactive.png: Appears fair enough but what if you wish to replace the star later on having a circle say. Your title is misleading so you would need to relabel it after which update all of your css etc.

  • product_selected.png and product_unselected.png: Ideal for the when employed for the particular action of choosing an item but let's say I needed to make use of exactly the same image for any different purpose. Then your title is confusing and too specific.

  • If the image size participate the look title? eg. someImage_16.png

What's the best naming convention you've found for naming images?

You are requesting a naming convention that forecasts future characteristics and programs from the file to ensure that you never need to update the file title. That's impossible. You need to depend by yourself intuition when you title the files.

There's not a way around it. Should you finish up altering whether file or it's application so drastically the file title no more precisely reflects its use, then you'll either have to keep your misleading title or change it throughout your files.

Most decent text editors should have the ability to easily perform the latter across multiple files.

The only real alternative would be to assign names which aren't descriptive from the beginning, that is clearly not recommended.

Pay attention to Kobi and consider sprites, or maybe you are averse to sprites, get it done the way in which Arvin stated for that reasons given.