We features its own servers for the asp.internet programs (ASP.Internet 2. programs with WCF services) by having an ISA Server as Reverse Proxy and Firewall before it. You want to run the asp.internet programs on exterior servers at website hosts (in germany). You will find several website hosts, but we could not locate one with ISA Server as Reverse Proxy and Firewall.

The net programs (with SQL Server) consists of sensitive data (like medical patient data) and requires a higher security atmosphere.

Nonetheless is definitely an ISA Server required for such web programs? And when yes, can there be what other? We attempted a hoster with apache as Reverse proxy but had several problems. Which disadvantages could raise with no reverse proxy and exterior firewall (belonging security and gratifaction)?

Thanks ahead of time.

This clearly is dependent how private and secure you want the site to become.

In the sounds of things, I'd say you ought to be using ISA Server, or even the next version that is known as Threat Management Gateway.

To host this, you just need a provider who are able to offer hosting of entire machines or virtual machines (handled hosting). I'd be rather surprised if there's not a large number of these businesses in Germany. These companies should have the ability to install TMG on the server, configure it properly, and host your websites behind it.

For instance: http://world wide web.rackspace-hosting.p/handled-hosting/hosting-solutions/devoted-servers/