I am developing a website for any client by which he wants a hyperlink that individuals can click onto return to the prior web site design and visit that design when they return to this website.

Wouldso would Time passes about carrying this out?

Would I have to produce a cookie and when I actually do how do you do this?

Thanks for your help, I'll return for this question after i reach carrying this out part!

Just how much different may be the new design? Could it be only a types of the appearance, or exist significant variations within the flow featuring from the new design? Could they be utilizing the same database setup, or did things change between your old and new versions? Whenever they have the ability to use either site to complete exactly the same things? For example, when they produce a record around the new site, should it show on that old site?

If there's minimal change, the simplest factor may be to simply punt and run that old site as it is own website. Put a large link around the new site that states "If you would like that old site, visit oldsite.example.com". It's often nice to determine the best way to socially engineer the clients to desire to use the brand new site rather, as well as let them know the old site is going to be vanishing permanently sooner or later.

I'd be very not wanting to infect a brand new system with hooks to aid a classic system you need to escape from.

You may consider placing that old application inside a subdomain, like "old.mydomain.com" or something like that similar. This will help you to keep up with the programs in separate( IIS?) folders and separate projects.

If you won't want to make use of a subdomain, you could utilize a rewrite engine to look into the cookie setting for example "UseOldSite=TRUE" and rewrite towards the old application where appropriate.

Some issues which you may encounter with this particular approach will be the utilization of absolute web addresses and pathways inside the application and discussing of session or cookie data.

I have observed that GMail supplies a "view in HTML" option which minimizes using JavaScript. I suppose to compatibility with older browsers with minimal or inadequate JavaScript support, however the approach might be relevant for your situation.

The best place ( presuming you will find no structural alterations in the information ) is by using Alternate Style Sheets.

This can be a great publish on switching between stylesheets.

Obviously, in FF, you can turn to: View > Page Style > Other Style Sheet.