I have to create a database-based application that provides its customers a simple-to-use UI to increase the DB in addition to view and edit its contents.

Its customers won't be IT-savvy. They are the type accustomed to filling their data into several stand out sheets.

So far, individuals stand out data sheets happen to be by hand edited, leading to consistency errors. Also, many sheets connect with data in other sheets, developing a type of relational database, handled manually.

That clients are now asking me to give them a credit card applicatoin that replaces Stand out and rather handles the information better, using the benefits below:

  • references between tables are handled in ways that prevents semantic errors
  • 1-to-N relations is visible from both finishes (i.e. an item's listing of refs in addition to who references a product)
  • search across all tables
  • customers can also add new fields to some table, as well as create new tables
  • optional: multi-client capable

Now, being an experienced C programmer, I possibly could write all of this manually. The DB management is simple enough. However I'd need to implement editors, generic form machines, etc, all dynamic. I simply suspect that you will find a large number of solutions with this type of use already that will save me a while to obtain this little project done.

I am simply not getting any clue from the whole DB market because this is outdoors my usual area of labor (I am much more of a method programmer). I understand how to create and employ SQL-DBs. The question here's much more about supplying a frontend.

Other needs and factors:

  • If software purchases are essential, a couple of $1000s are OK
  • Ought to be functional on Home windows and Mac OS X
  • The DB will not be large, it will likely be under 10000 products within the DB, with under 50 tables. Don’t worry about high-performance here.

E.g, I question if there's an internet-server-based solution that works each one of these procedures using a internet browser? Perhaps a PHP based system using something similar to MySQL because the DB after sales and producing dynamic html pages in the tables, plus adding function for search, etc?

Or it is possible to IDE that delivers a visible DB and forms designer, maybe having a simple programming language that covers only a couple of functions for string comparison etc. to supply fundamental semantic checking? And which runs an http server or provides x-platform clients?

As you can see, the aim here's to create mtss is a fast and cheap solution that's considerably much better than manual stand out use although not too complicated as there is a limit with what the organization really wants to spend in exchange for simpler use.

Any awesome ideas?

-- update after 3 replies --

OK, I have become a number of pointers now. It's several things to look at.

I question if a person might help me limit the options a little. One important request would be that the UI I design for that clients still provides methods to add new tables and define their fields (inside a limited range I define), in addition to add new fields to existing tables.

Here is a practical illustration of the information we are speaking about:

Think about a vehicle parts supplier. They provide seats for a number of cars (which they don't sell), and plugs for those individuals types of cars.

So that they conserve a database of the seats using their adapting parts along with other add-ons.

  • Essentially, there's one initial table of cars they are fully aware of.
  • Then, for every chair there's a listing of cars where that chair may be put into.
  • Lastly, there's individuals plugs which affect certain cars and seats

Now, the customers shall have the ability to add new rows towards the chair table, every time they produce a new chair. That's only a simple "table add row" operation, having a rather static entry form.

If there is a new vehicle being released plus they create a fitting adapter or discover that the existing adapter even already fits, they give a new row the cars table after which need to go through all plugs and seats and mark individuals that suit this new vehicle.

Eventually, they might wish to also make steering wheels. That needs these to give a new table. I wish to supply the UI for your, too, which shall follow the same semantics because the seats and parts tables.

Lastly, they might decide that they need to give a new area (column) for their seats to include more details towards the clients or service people.

Ultimately, this database infomation will be moved forward right into a format appropriate for printing a catalog. This part I'll implement individually, making this not must be area of the tool I am seeking here.

The customers might want to see all associations from both finishes: e.g. (a) which seats may be used inside a particular vehicle, and (b) which cars does a specific chair support?

So, does anybody know which DB tools might help me design the GUI (edit forms, reviews, search forms)? I.e, the forms might not be static, but must have the ability to instantly show new fields when put into the DB schema.