I want an embedded/In Memory Database which support multithread access.



You should use SQlite3 using the DISQLite3 library.

Or Firebird Embedded

For proof that they're thread-safe look into the links supplied by Mohammed Nasman


Firebird Embedded (version 1.5 and then)

Components4Developers has one that is existed a very long time kbmMemTable

NexusDB could be both embedded and employ memory tables. For any multithreaded application you simply give each thread it's own Session and Database components.

There's a free embedded version without any souce code or buy the full client server version with source code.

AidAim has one SQLMemTable

ComponentAce offers AbsoluteDatabase within memory option AbsoluteDatabase

SolidDB from IBM if dont mind if it is closed source/commercial:


eXtremeDB, from the company (McObject), is progressively popular.The conventional edition is definitely an baked into-memory database.


RxLib, a wide open-source component lib has rxMemTable.

CSQL in memory database management system


Maybe this can help TimesTen and solidDB comparison