I operate a hosting service for student inside my our faculty. We run PHP with suPHP as well as for security we want symlinks to become set to "SymLinksIfOwnerMatch".

It has the unfortunate error when individuals have htaccess "Options FollowSymLinks" or "Options None" they'll get an internal server error.

This can be a huge problem because most dristributions of OSS-software for PHP has this incorporated within their htaccess automatically (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and many more), and many guides in htaccess-rules always recommend "FollowSymLinks" becasue it is required for mod_rewrite - it will work equally well with SymLinksIfOwnerMatch.

Does anybody have this same problem, and do anybody understand how to conquer it? I had been wishing to create Apache ignore Options completely. Our default ones are completely sufficient.

You want to set AllowOverride inside your primary config file.

If you wish to switch off all utilization of .htaccess set

AllowOverride None

If you want to prevent students by using Options than the must do it:

AllowOVerride AuthConfig FileInfo Indexes Limit