For each title during my table I must summarize the amount that seems beside each reputation for each title.

The column names are au_fname, au_lname, and qty

Here's what the table appears like

Johnson         White           5               
Marjorie        Green           5               
Cheryl          Carson          5               
Michael         O'Leary         5               
Dean            Straight        5               
Meander         Smith           5               
Abraham         Bennet          5               
Ann             Dull            5               
Burt            Gringlesby      5               
Charlene        Locksley        5               
Morningstar     Greene          5               
Reginald        Blotchet-Halls  5               
Akiko           Yokomoto        5               
Innes           del Castillo    5               
Michel          DeFrance        5               
Dirk            Stringer        5               
Stearns         MacFeather      5               
Livia           Karsen          5               
Sylvia          Panteley        5               
Sheryl          Hunter          5               

Certain names repeat multiple occasions.

Essentially you have to group by au_fname and au_lname, then make use of the SUM(qty) aggregate to obtain the way to go. Below is when you'd get it done.

FROM yourTableName

It is possible to personID just in case you will find a couple named John Cruz?

Otherwise, you should use

Select au_fname, au_lname, sum(qty) as sum_qty
from table
group by au_fname, au_lname

really bad there is not a personID, however, you use that which you have.

Just a little better could be:

Select au_lname + ', ' + au_fname