I acquired a style of a wordpress website, and want to construct recption menus because the attached image. I figured of getting repeated background from the black "/" and also the groups/pages names with whitened background, but It will not look great. I figured of getting a function that fills the black "/", but have no clue how to begin. Any idea is going to be much appreciated. Thanks ! (please disregard the blue lines). enter image description here

I believe a tiled background could be what you want, however, you would really want to use three images to really make it look right.

If you get this to menu as a listing, you can give each <li> the css text-align: right;background:url(slashes.jpg);

You will want two images that have a whitened triangular, that have the best contour around mask the beginning and finished of the pattern. Let us say they are each 10px wide.

You can provide the <a> padding-left of 10px, and also have the right-hands whitened triangular like a left-aligned, non-repeating background.

Then, inside each <li> you can could give a small div or any other element, the full height from the li, with float left, and also the background image will be the left-hands side element. By doing this you'd have only complete diagonal lines showing with no damaged ones. The alst diagonal line might have sporadic width though. It may be easy to prevent this using a monospace font, and letter-spacing in css, to ensure how just how much horizontal each letter occupies inside your links. For instance, you can create a formula for (1 letter = 2 slashes)

@shir produce a / image for background &lifier technology-not only such as this

for instance

ul li{
    background:url(tile.jpg) repeat-x;
ul li a{

take a look http://jsfiddle.net/sandeep/Dfjvm/ example by which make use of a google image like a dummy. may which help you.