What I am attempting to do would be to redirect my website site visitors who enter example.com to world wide web.example.com.

I'd do that having a standard redirect, but I'm not sure steps to make a website specific to World wide web or non-World wide web addresses.

I observe that Opera thinks my website is clearly different in the World wide web version, since it reloads it without needing the cache. How do i create a non-World wide web specific index.html page to redirect these to world wide web.example.com?

Do this mod_rewrite example:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond % !^www.

RewriteCond %s ^on(s)

RewriteRule ^ http%1://world wide web.%% [L,R=301]

This can append world wide web. to each request that’s host doesn't begin with world wide web. and redirect into it having a permanent redirect. The URI protocol can also be maintained but you might like to give a condition to simply redirect specific request techniques (like GET and Mind).

If you work with IIS simply produce a new site, add "mydomain.com" header and employ IIS redirect feature to redirect to world wide web.mydomain.com.

You might want to take a look link that talks about it with IIS, and it is the way in which stackoverflow.com does it... you would definitely turn back way situations are working.

In Jeff's example, he's getting rid of the world wide web. in the url http://world wide web.stackoverflow.com/, however for you, it may sound like you could utilize his example and target your product.

Shaun Atwood's Example based on how they made it happen for StackOverflow.