Ok, i made use of the below to "seoize" my web addresses. It really works great..the only issue happens when i visit the old page it does not redirect towards the new page.. so i've got a feeling i'll get two pages indexed in the search engines... how do i just permenantly redirect that old pages eto new web addresses...

RewriteRule ^city/([^/]+)/([^/]+) /rate-page.php?state=$1&city=$2 [NC]

http: / / www.ratemycommunity.com/city/Kansas/Independence

and old page = http://www.ratemycommunity.com/rate-page.php?state=Kansas&city=Independence

However , the ugly url should be visible, since you need them for that rewrite. Just don't make any links towards the ugly web addresses.

If search engines like google already know of the ugly web addresses, you can include another query parameter, say show=yes.

Within the rewrite rule, make sure that you possess the last parameter show=yes. Otherwise, redirect towards the nice url, which will rewrite towards the ugly url using the last parameter. Then, never link externally towards the ugly url using the show=yes parameter.



Being able to access this site can have this content, however, you mustn't make that link visible everywhere.


ought to be rewritten to /rate-page.php?state=Somestate&city=Somecity&show=yes, and


ought to be rerouted to /city/Somestate/Somecity

The very best factor to complete is use cannonicalization, a lately introduced page marking reality that informs Google along with other spiders what you would like to become the Link to record. Check out this documentation and video by Google Search engine optimization guru Matt Cutts.

Inside your situation, it may be like this:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.ratemycommunity.com/city/Kansas/Independence"/>