I am attempting to make a website in which the user can pick between three options after which rapidly pay (on the website, not rerouted to paypal) after which after they pay can see the product (video). I would like everything to become on a single page. I've been searching at Ubercart for Drupal and Wordpress eCommerce for Wordpress. Both of them appear excessively complex for which I want, however, I'm able to only enter in HTML/CSS and I am just beginning to make use of PHP. Does anybody are conscious of helpful information, simpler way, or Content management systems by having an simpler to make use of module for eCommerce that will fit my solution.

I've produced numerous sites with Wordpress-Ecommerce... Stay away from it if you're able to. It's buggy and inflexible. You will find many other ecommerce plug ins in WordPress wordpress plugin repository.

Have an account with Paypal and it'll allow you to generate "Purchase it Now" buttons for the items which are static HTML and manage all of the payment process via Paypal. There is no register fee. Their rates are a little around the high side (beginning at 2.9% + $.30), however for low volume or testing new ideas they are an excellent starting point.

Give BigCommerce an attempt.

It's simplest to create and employ undoubtedly and when you've fundamental understanding in HTML/CSS you'll have the ability to edit the templates don’t worry.

Combines having a tonne of payment gateways as they are.

Includes free 15 day trial too.