I really hope this publish finds you well. I new in Database, and i must learn database SQL,particularly MySQL. What must i begin with? must i start reading through about database basic principles, and begin having a book like "Database Design for Mere Mortals", or must i go ahead and take least path and browse about MySQL?,and browse titles like "MySQL Cook book".

Best Regard, Ahmed

look at this question and solutions: Looking for a good book to learn SQL For me, I'd recommend among the books by Ken Henderson. This books are worried with MS SQL Server, however i think it is the best books.

After I would be a newbie I began by reading through http://www.w3schools.com/sql/

I discovered that www.tizag.com seemed to be good after i was beginning out! I still return nowadays occasionally :)

Get a temporary tutorial online

i made use of this link

i made use of the next PDF that has fundamentals of normal-sql i.e. a typical version of SQL

PDF link

Whatever function as the Database, learn common constructs after which choose specialty area. At w3schools you may also get a listing of SQL instructions. Although learning is simpler should you follow a previously Implemented project.