How do i display another image prior to the title of every section, category and article (image differ)?

I.e. it is possible to way through admin wordpress plugin or a way to ensure that I possibly could render it easily?

I'm using Joomla 1.5

Is dependent around the image. Should you mean a symbol or small image while watching saction/category/title then you may do this with CSS and also the page class suffix to find out which image shows which page.

Should you mean a lot more like a header image, you would then most likely have to do it inside a module and assign the module towards the page you need to put it in. You'd require a module per image doing the work by doing this.

You might add the look towards the section or category description, then make use of a template override to put the look in which you need it.

On a single site we built there exists a unique header image on every page. We made it happen having a module and K2. Again, it is dependent on what you're attempting to do. You should give more particulars to obtain a specific answer.