I am developing a web application with Django. Since I am very acquainted with Apache I setup my development atmosphere to possess Django tell you Apache using mod_wsgi. The only real annoyance I've with this particular is the fact that I must restart Apache each time I change my code. It is possible to way for this?

mod_wsgi is ideal for production however i think the incorporated server is much better for development.

Anyway you need to read this about automatic reloading of source code.

I seem like this is actually one of individuals things many people cope with. Almost all that large of the deal. I designed a party script to create this pretty simple. I title it 'ra' (reload apache) therefore it is short and quick. The next works best for most apache installs (on UNIX-based systems):

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

You can most likely apply certain type of tool to bind this to some key shortcut/feet pedeal/cron.