Just need some kickstart with this particular.

I've Mysql/PHP, and

I've 5,000 items. I've 30 companies

I have to store some data for individuals 30 companies for every product the following:

a) prices

b) stock qty

I should also store data in the past every day.

Therefore the table...

It seems sensible the records would be the items due to there being 5000, and when I place the companies because the posts, I'm able to keep prices, but how about the stock amounts? I possibly could create two posts for every compoany, one for prices, one for qty. Make the tablename the date for your day...so theer will be a new table for each day with 5000 items inside it? is the right way?

An idea how I'm going to be retreiving data

the very best 5 cheapest prices (and the organization) by product for any certain date
the cost and stock changes previously seven days by product

Something similar to this will work:

CompanyID (PK)

ProductID (PK)
CompanyID (FK)

ProductHistoryID (PK)
ProductID (FK)