basically had 2 handled switches with vlans set up like: Switch 1: Server - Vlan 1 2 3 Desktop - Vlan 1

Switch 2: Desktop - Vlan 2 Desktop - Vlan 2 Entry Way - Vlan 3

Switches are connected through 2 gigabit uplink ports would every desktop / wireless client begin to see the server? (i am not sure if you're able to set multiple vlans to some single port or whether I will have to buy multiple network interface cards) cheers

Each port of switch could be person in a variety VLANs. The ports using which switches are connected ought to be person in all VLANs, then only all desktop computers can easily see the server.

In case your switch has routing capacity, they'll have the ability to talk to one another. You have to enable routing around the change to let the communication.