i have to solve this problem, i've got a Mosets Tree highly hardcoded on the new Joomla site and i'm stuck at a simple task cause i dont still realize how you can develop it, so i'd like outside assistance around the code to build up it.

the situation is the fact that i have to produce a page in mosets that lists all listing proprietors, with the amount of entries each owner offers.

Here's an exemple:

Owner ---------------- #of entries

Will Cruz ---------------- 10

Chuck Norris ------------ 20


So quite simple.

realistically i recognize that it ought to be completed in 2 files:

  • a brand new function in mtree.php (/components/mtree/mtree.php)
  • b .perl template page which i will need to create during my mosets template (/components/mtree/templates/mytemplate)

within the database the table *jos_mt_links* it could be employed to query the number of *user_id* fields have with similar value by by doing this get the amount of entries each owner offers his or her real names.

i'm not a senior programmer of php just a professional begginer, and so i would appreciate a great deal any concept of code for my function to obtain this little task done. Someone with experience hardcoding Mosets Tree publish us a tip.

Thanks ahead of time