I am overcome through the many options you have in web site design. I am probalbly asking something quite simple to setup, consider I haven't any experience, I am searching for help.

Current Setup

  1. I have got a website mydomain.com and ftp use of it. The apache webserver has mod_rewrite and perl installed (in the event that helps). I setup a subdomain user.mydomain.com that's presently pointing towards the http://world wide web.mydomain.com/user directory.

  2. I have produced a draft website running within the werc framework on the different linux machine. This server doesn't have domain title, I'm able to can get on while using static IP or mywebsite.dyndns.org. werc supports virtual hosting, however i don't quite comprehend it and determine if it will help me here. I am running lighttp (w/ vhost and mod_rewrite) and also have full root permission, so anything can be done about this finish.


I must run the werc site within the subdomain user.mydomain.com. The URL within the browser ought to be user.mydomain.com, i.e. no apparent redirecting towards the actual werc server IP should occur.

What's the easiest method to make that happen? I attempted mod_rewrite around the mydomain.com machine, however i could only redirect. I believe you could make use of a seperate "frame" for that werc located site, but that feels just a little unclean. E.g. an amount occur to the <title> tag?

What exactly are my options? Thanks ahead of time.