I have got a Magento installation, which works perfectly from the customer's perspective. However, whenever you try to do batch tasks using the admin, nginx frequently shuts the bond towards the browser early, leading to an "empty reply from server" error within the browser. The after sales task still continues inside Apache until it completes. PHP is set up with Magento's default max_execution_timeout of 18000 seconds.

I discovered articles that type of associated with this, and recommended while using "send_timeout" directive in nginx's config. And So I set that to just like max_execution_duration of 18000 seconds. I Quickly produced a PHP script which simply sleeps for 65 seconds (it appears to timeout at a minute).

It's not only the browser that has the problem. I recieve "curl: (52) Empty reply from server" from curl too. I haven't any other obscure nginx config rules within the http directive. Anybody have idea what may be happening here, and just how to carry out preventing this from happening? I am getting a little lost :(