I am using NGINX with Passenger to operate a rails application with an Ubuntu server.

However, Let me possess the rails application offered from www.mydomain.com/store , and also have a wordpress install offered from www.mydomain.com.

Wouldso would one start establishing the nginx.conf?

From the official manual:

To get this done, create a symlink out of your Ruby on Rails application’s public folder to some directory within the document root. For instance:

ln -s /webapps/mycook/public /websites/phusion/rails

Next, set passenger_enabled on and give a passenger_base_uri choice to the server block:

server {
    listen 80;
    server_name www.phusion.nl;
    root /websites/phusion;
    passenger_enabled on;        # <--- These lines have
    passenger_base_uri /rails;   # <--- been added.