I have got problem witch Nginx and php-gettext module. All works with no trouble on apache, but on nginx not. I have got two servers began on my small notebook. Apache creates 80 port, and Nginx on 81. After I run my page on apache's port, then all works ok, gettext's converting etc., however when i swtich to nginx (on port 81), then gettext is stoping wokrs.

I already looked for answer, but nobody may help me.

I'm using SpawnCGI to operate php, but attempted php-fpm, and same results. I can not suppose all creates apache but on nginx not z.

Should you got any idea assist me to.

Are you currently running PHP because the mod_php Apache module inside your Apache so that as a FastCGI in your Nginx? Or could they be both set up using the identical FastCGI after sales?

If they're different: operate a phpinfo() on if the gettext extension can be obtained or otherwise.

Changes are, your Apache's mod_php module is loading another php.ini file than your FastCGI version.