I have just installed nginx 1..8 and php-fpm but for the last half an hour I am attempting to rewrite the URL for Wordpress.

Here's what the Wordpress URL need to look like: http://localhost/website/blog/2011/10/sample-publish/

I have checked out this tutorial: http://wiki.nginx.org/WordPress + a number of other on the internet but each time I get an 404 error (sometimes 403).

Here's what Used to do during my configuration file:

    location /website/blog 

    location ~ .php$ title

        fastcgi_intercept_errors on

        fastcgi_split_path_info ^(/website/blog)(/.*)$

        include        fastcgi_params

        error_page  404 /404.html


With this particular configuration I am receiving "403 forbidden" status.

What am I missing?

Have you try restarting nginx once you have saved your config?

Also, take a look at my nginx/WordPress setup guide here: