1. Can NHibernate be utilized for ORM tool for MS Access? We're using Nhibernate to gain access to Sql Server, so wondering if it may be used again.
  2. If you can use it how has got the experience been?

Listed here are the particulars of using NHibernate with MS Access. Personally, i haven't carried this out, as MS Access does not include primary full database options like saved methods, etc, and so i typically cure it.

I have tried personally NHibernate with Access. According to my experience,

  • I suggest using NHibernate.
  • I suggest staying away from Access.

Should you prefer a file-located in-process small-database, you will find several options available, including SQL Server CE (Microsoft, proprietary), Firebird (free-open-source), SQLite (free-open-source). NHibernate supports each one of these database engines (although I haven't had an opportunity to rely on them).

You can use it with MS Access. The knowledge is much like every other experience using MS Access like a database for the application, you want you used another thing.