Simply to request if you will find any non-proprietary virtual image clients available, i.e. a credit card applicatoin able to running .vhd and/or .vmdk based virtual images? I've looked online, but haven't been capable of finding any.

Note, I'm really searching to prevent while using bloated VMware Server 2., using its web interface and resource hungry plan to run my VMware virtual images - if anybody has any applying for grants this, I'd be thankful. Before anybody indicates it, I've attempted several occasions previously to transform .vmdk images to .vhd files, with no success. This really is not a potential solution for me personally.

Thanks, MagicAndi.

VirtualBox is a good (and free of charge) virtual machine that I have tried personally previously for running a variety of configurations (both Home windows and Linux). It is capable of doing directly using VMDK and VHD images, along with its own format.

Now, I am unsure just what you mean by proprietary, but when you just mean compensated software, then VirtualBox should clearly be acceptable for you. If you would like something free, i quickly recommend VirtualBox OSE, which only lacks a couple of advanced features (begin to see the particulars around the page). It's licensed underneath the GPL, and so i believe which means that it's non-proprietary, though someone might need to clarify this...