my php file has got the following simple code : Time is

<?php echo date(‘H:i:s’);?>

and also the date is

<?php echo date(‘j F Y’);?>

But i get the next error on typing the command : http://localhost/time.php

404 Not Found
An error occured trying to access document or resource /time.php.
Please contact the server administrator if the problem is abnormal and persists.

But m not able to work through the mistake .m a novice for php .plz help .os is ubuntu 10.04 n i've anstalled apache2 n php5.

The 404 error signifies that the time.php file isn't situated within the root directory that Apache is running from.

Probably you will have to move time.php right into a public_html or htdocs folder.

In Ubuntu, normally, this is situated in /var/www/apache2-default/

Should you browse around in /var/www/ you'll most likely look for a index.html file that consists of the "It Really WorksInch message. Place your time.php within the same directory as that file.

To determine the issue open tour httpd file , usually situated in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Find DocumentRoot - check what folder is the document root. Within this folder tou can execute your php file. Have you install php in your server , local machine ?