I'm not able to upload styles to my WordPress installation via WordPress admin. I get the next error:

The submitted file couldn't be gone to live in /home/debiprasad/webapps/wordpress/wordpress-content/uploads/2011/09

The permission of wordpress-contents directory and all sorts of sub sites are: 0755. Many people might point to to really make it 0777. This might work, however i don't believe this is actually the correct solution. Because, all of the folders ought to be have permission 0755 which is secure. 0755 may be the default and delay pills work in other installations.

I wish to know what is the reason of the error and what's an ideal and secure solution?

Presuming you utilize Apache, is the uploads folder possessed by www-data? (or whatever user apache/php run as?)

If you can get change possession, 0755 should act as lengthy because the upload folder (and subdirectories within) are possessed through the same "user" the web server runs as - so generally, which will be www-data.

If the does not work, what method would you use to set up styles? ftp, ftps or ssh2?