I'm running an internet site that is applying WPML with Wordpress. Hebrew may be the default language and in addition it has British. After I perform a search in Hebrew (the default language), I'm given search engine results for my query. However, after i switch languages within the search page, the outcomes appear to vanish. I've installed the wordpress plugin "Search Everything" which i've personalized to look every custom area.

Is WPML obstructing search engine results from being proven once the language switches? Can you really stop WPML from giving recent results for Posts?

I've provided the 2 google listing pages below.



This really is most likely why it's happening:

Once the searchform ID is placed for that form and also the lang input is available, WPML limits the search to that particular language...(1)

See, within the search form around the web page you gave earlier, there's a line such as this:

<input type="hidden" name="lang" id="lang" value="en">

For out that "lang" hidden form input, it could fix your condition.


  1. http://wpml.org/documentation/support/creating-multilingual-wordpress-themes/search-form/