I must login into my system using ntlm protocol. I discovered module for apache - mod_auth_sspi, however i need multi platform solution.

My application need to operate on home windows and linux (on is installed php>=5.3 and apache>2.). Using mod_auth_sspi i can login via ntlm, but only when I set a:

needed user-valid

in htaccess or http.conf. Basically don't set this value I can not retrieve USER_REMOTE and I'm not sure how do i implement solution which i need:

I am searching for solution that permit me show to user form with login/password (ntlm) or maybe user cancelled this type the machine should redirect him to alternative login form (data will retrieve from database). I have to login in to the system by 50 percent ways: via NTLM and traditional (database). How Do I do that?


You could utilize mod_auth_sspi for home windows, and http://modntlm.sourceforge.net/ for linux. Yes, it is not the very best solution, however it should work (i suppose you'll have to check what OS the script is running on and select the mod properly since i have doubt the APIs are identical).


For multiple login companies, check this out: