This can be a sample input form from wordpress standard coding (I recieve it out of this page -

<input type="text" name="new_option_name" value="<?php echo get_option('new_option_name'); ?>" />

When individuals place the information within the form, the worthiness will store within the function

<?php echo get_option('new_option_name'); ?>

My real question is, ways to get back the worthiness to show the anywhere like index.php, sidebar.php so in could be seen through the public.

Technically, you apply the function update_option('new_option_name','New option value'); to keep the information. You should use the get_option('new_option_name'); function to gain access to that data any place in WordPress (well, whenever following the plug ins have loaded, a minimum of. Maybe sooner). So that you can put echo get_option('new_option_name'); any place in your theme and it'll act as lengthy because the option using the title 'new_option_name' really is available.