Is there's a means MySQL to obtain the column names given the need for the column?

For instance I've STATES table and CITY table that have 'NAME' as column title.

Say I've 'New York' both in STATES table and CITY table. I would like a question that will return the column names of SATES and CITY give 'New York'.

My Expected Output might be like

value             column         Table
-----               ------            -----
New You are able to       Title       STATES
New You are able to       Title       CITY

Above is simply a good example. In the majority of the cases i can just learn the column values and that i have no idea the Column names or even the corresponding table Names. Generally I do not need to know around the diffrent random schema's. I'm creating a question answersing system which will use multiple databases.

You are going to need to query the data_schema to obtain tables and posts much like this post. I dont't think MySQL alone is the best choice. If you are looking for any table and column which has the worthiness you would like which means you will be searching every column in each and every table.

That's quite an costly query setup unless of course you've quite simple tables. You will need to pull all of the table data after which iterate all of the tables trying to find which posts possess the matching value.