I've got a web site produced in Joomla. How do you obtain the content of this page into my Rails app's page ?

Should you used joomla, you'll be able to just grab the feed in the page and parse the xml with Nokogiri.


If you are utilizing the same db for, simply produce a rails model to see that db table, and produce this content in.

OTOH, if you are wanting Joomla to put together and make the whole page, then pass it to rails to see unmodified, why pressure Rails in to the mix whatsoever and merely let some pages be made by Joomla plus some by Rails? You will need some creativeness within the routing and positioning, however you will need that to complete the RSS read pointed out above, anyway.

Interesting hint @chrisBarretto. There wasn't any feed connected using the joomla page. However, I handled to seize this content from Joomla page with only using Nokogiri.

This is what Used to do within the controller :

 @page = Nokogiri::HTML(open(" ... <joomla page url>...")) 

Then within the view,

<%=raw @page.css("body table").first.to_s :%> 

This labored perfectly when i thought about being.