I am managing a wordpress blog and want to access the particular file that produces the feed. Regrettably after i do this it throws up lots of errors since it is using lots of functions.

My current best idea is to create a duplicate file that does not need individuals functions or has them hard created in but I wish to obtain a second opinion about this.

I am running WP2.7.

Moving the files in one file may be the apparent solution. Now you ask , why do you want the file to begin with?

If all that's necessary would be to easily extract the the posts in the DB and format them within an Feed you are able to give on Wordpress completely and do all of it having a file with under 30 lines of code.


Solution found.

  • Discover the file "wordpress-includes/feed-rss2.php" (swap for whatever feed you need to use)
  • Produce a second version from the file to ensure that you do not overwrite any Wordpress stuff after which open stated file.
  • Add the next code before every other code is performed

    if (file_is available('../wordpress-blog-header.php')) require('../wordpress-blog-header.php')
    elseif (file_is available('blog/wordpress-blog-header.php')) require('blog/wordpress-blog-header.php')
    //The 2nd lines are needed if you're including this file from elsewhere

This option would be faster to place into effect than RoyPel's one although not nearly as good.