We've got some legacy programs which use an ODBC driver for being able to access their databases.

I am searching for an ODBC driver that will have the ability to map its very own calls to some JDBC driver (ODBC-JDBC bridge).

Eventually, I am interested with a few documentation and/or pointers for penning this type of bridge.

There's a task on sourceforge that appears appropriate, http://odbcjdbc.sourceforge.net/

There's additionally a JDBC-ODBC bridge offered by Oracle however i think that's overturn of what you would like. http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/guide/jdbc/bridge.html

To date i've discovered merely a couple of compensated solutions :

  1. Easysoft using their ODBC-JDBC Gateway
    • Install the ODBC driver every other ODBC driver after which setup it to forward its calls to some JDBC driver of your liking

  2. OpenLink using their Single/Multi Tier ODBC to JDBC Bridge
    • Such as the one from EasySoft

  3. Simba using their SimbaEngine ODBC SDK

P.S.: You can observe the bridges in 1. and 2. for action here.