I'm trying to setup an internet-based user interface for many hosting clients which use WordPress.

While you most likely know, the URL for managing a WordPress website is http://domain.com/wp-admin. For instance:

http://minutebookreview.com/wp-admin (case a random blog)

Now, look what goes on after i attempt to load this site in a iframe by using this code:

<iframe width=640 height=480 src="http://minutebookreview.com/wp-admin"></iframe>

You'd think this could work, right?

Well, take a look on your own:


The page simply turns up blank within the iframe. The wordpress-admin login page will not load.

Anybody know why this really is happening? It does not make sense at all in my experience.

Here's what I saw. It seams wordpress just dosen't as if you.

Oh no.