I am a new comer to android since a brief period and after searching around on different forums (including that one) i could not really constitute what the easiest way could be of parsing my Feed.

Here's my problem: I am creating a credit card applicatoin that's for use around the south and north pole. Places with basicly no connection. I'll be putting available a dictionary of all of the animal existence on these rods. The purpose of the applying is it needs to have the ability to be synchronized when back around the landmass. (As this dictionary grows and altering) The data is going to be put available trough a web-based Feed.

Now my real question is, what's the best (and possebly simplest) method of carrying this out? This is how the RSS feed will be build up

I've got a couple of years understanding of Java programming (Labored with netbeans), Now i am using Eclipse. I already handled to produce a local database using the posts i have to keep information in (SQLite). Now my next challenge is how you can bring this content on the internet for this local database (such as the enclosured image if at all possible)

Hope someone might help me with this particular problem. Meanwhile i'm going to be browsing further looking for an anwser.

Waiting for your reply


Browse the solutions here: Simple RSS parser for Android

In the event that ship has not sailed yet encourage them to publish the information like a JSON string. Takes only ~30 lines of code to seize the string and populate a Java data object by using it.