Can you really possess a mobile website that may still function if there is no web connection?

The consumer should still have the ability to make use of the website (if he's visited that page before), begin to see the data (which was loaded before), add new stuff (cache in your area). When web connection returns online, all transformed local data ought to be pressed online.

This ought to be an entire webbased solution, not really a native application.

You need to take a look at HTML5 offline storage, see and also the Offline Web Applications spec to start with. You will find also a number of posts here on SO.

Bookmarklets work whenever a user is offline. The secret having a bookmarklet is the fact that it's entirely all-in-one javascript ended in a way that it may live inside the bookmark itself. E.g. a javacsript: URL. You may also possess a [cde] URL like a bookmark, which might be a complete HTML page. These are base64 encoded having a mime type.

Most likely what I'd do could be possess a small base page as data: which contained whatever offline content you thought about, but periodically attempted to bootstrap the relaxation from the "real" content no matter where you host it.