I acquired the work assignment from the boss where I shall attempt to get information from a classic database. The truth is, we all know nothing about this. Hopefully it's some known format and never something the developer made themself.

It comes down stand alone by having an application (unknown language) and appears to become a mixture of file types. In a single folder you will find, for instance:

MISCINFO.BRG (27 531 kb)
MISCINFO.LOG (30 422 kb)

In another folder where you will find a lot of VIS-files.

I do not fully realize how to start. I want some driver to gain access to these files, preferbly by ODBC or simply by open them in some way.

.brg might be a bridge file pointed out here:


The applying under consideration includes some DLL files. One of these is DATABASE.DLL, which consists of a few names of individuals in plain text. I have looked certain names on the internet and located a Delphi programmer which I have approached and waiting reply from. I have verified Delphi because the application language with a few other sources.

Based on Dependency Master the DATABASE.DLL consists of some functions for open/close an association and fetching, upgrading and removing data. Some functions signifies the DLL to become customized. Possibly I'm able to make use of the same DLL.

Dependecy Master only shows released functions and never anything about parameters. Some files it cannot open whatsoever since they're 16-bit.

Well, the easiest method to go is to check out what software may use files with individuals extensions. LOG is not much use, but BRG, VIS and IDX are reasonably rare.

VIS files:

  • Picture File
  • StudioPro three dimensional File
  • Vision Executive (Report) by Lasata Software
  • VISkompakt (Objects Description File) by PDV-Systeme GmbH
  • Vista Graphics

BRG files:

The only real reference I'm able to find is perfect for Age of Mythology, which appears unlikely.

IDX files:

  • America online (Temporary Internet Mail File)
  • ArcView (Geocoding Index For Read-Only Datasets) by ESRI
  • Ca Visual Objects Platform for Developer (CAVO) (Index File) by CA
  • Clip Gallery 1.x (Index) by Microsoft Corporation
  • Complete Works (Index File) by Toplevel Computing
  • Corel QuickFinder Information
  • FAX File
  • FoxPro (Index) by Microsoft Corporation
  • ICQ (Index) by ICQ Corporation.
  • Java (Applet Cache Index) by Sun Microsystems, Corporation.
  • LaTeX Index
  • NoX
  • Outlook Express (Mailbox Index) by Microsoft Corporation
  • Professional/ENGINEER (Index File) by PTC
  • RCA/Lyra Handheld Music Player (Database Index) by RCA
  • Symantec Q&A (Relational Database Index File) by Symantec Corporation
  • VSFilter (Index File)

Since none of individuals look that hopeful (you will find no items I can tell within the lists for VIS files and IDX files), I believe regrettably your hopes it's not really a custom format appear apt to be in vain.

You might like to try the 'file' on individuals files on the a linux systemunix. File ignores the file extension, it really examines the file to recognize it. So copy the files to some linux machine and execute the next command inside a terminal window:


$ cd my_directory_with_unknownfiles
$ file *