I've got a area inside a 2003 access database named first. I run the information adapter update command, provides me with "Syntax error in UPDATE statement." I alter the area title to firstName, try the update again, it really works. I curently have a lot of programs while using database and taking advantage of the area "first", will i need to relabel my area, return increase my programs to see from firstName rather than first? I truly don't wish to go down that path basically do not have to. Any suggestions? Thanks!


*Edit: I designed to specify, I would like the response to use commandbuilder (however it will not work this way). Sorry for just about any confusion.

Try putting square brackets round the area title, [first].

oledbcommandbuilder breaks when fields are named using the reserved word "first". Needed to write my very own SQL

Do that together with your commandbuilder object:

Dim cmdBuilder As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(oledbAdapter)
cmdBuilder.QuotePrefix = "["
cmdBuilder.QuoteSuffix = "]"

This can put brackets around all area names. I'd exactly the same trouble with a area named Index which resolved it.