Let me produce regional versions of the php powered website, for instance:


Let me setup one Light server for everyone all of the domain names having a single php MVC using $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] (or similar) because the primary content modifier. Ie

if($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] == 'mysite-wales.co.uk'){
   $region =    'wales';
   $database =  'db_wales';
   $styles=     array('wales.css', 'wales_banners.css')
   etc etc....    

How do you start establishing the server to direct each one of these domain names towards the same MVC router on one server?

Configure the Apache virtual host for that primary site, and employ the ServerAlias directive therefore it accepts connections for the other domain names.

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName mysite-england.co.uk
ServerAlias *.mysite-england.co.uk *.mysite-wales.co.uk mysite-wales.co.uk *.mysite-scotland.co.uk mysite-scotland.co.uk
DocumentRoot /www/mysite

More details:

We did mtss is a lot inside my last job. Whatever you do is incorporated in the vhost point all of the domain names in the same code base. The code base won't care exactly what the difference is except in which you define variables (I.E. Site Title, Region). Just add the server aliases for your vhost and operate a switch towards the top of your bootstrap.