Is anybody conscious of of anybody offering located perforce servers? It does not need to be free - but ideally much less costly!

My knowledge of Perforce is the fact that it's free of charge for private projects, which mine is. Presently I've got a perforce server setup on a single machine because the code is which does not offer much security just in case of computer failure.

Otherwise, can anybody recommend among the alternative solutions that's much like Perforce? I've connection with SVN but cannot say I like the knowledge.

You should use Perforce free of charge with as many as 2 Customers and when you need to you may also share one account with several customers, although it is a little bothersome to do this (and it may be a license breach).

Personally i installed Perforce server on my small Internet machine that is up 24/7. I am utilizing a dynamic DNS plan to allow others for connecting to my Perforce server utilizing a sane address like "". My upstream is 1.5 MBit/s though so this is a speed others can function with on the finish but when one happens to possess a maximum of 128 kbit/s it's really a little slow. However it is dependent about the project size. Plus you will find methods to make using a slow link with Perforce simpler, such as the "reconcile offline work" food selection or using a Perforce proxy.

I concur that SVN appears just like a PITA whenever you originate from a Perforce background. The moment you perform a large amount of branching and merging, Perforce continues to be paradise in comparison holiday to a SC system.

In case your problem is getting the server &lifier client on a single machines, maybe you can don't use anything but something similar to Dropbox or Live Mesh to back your files up continuously towards the cloud?

Should you choose so, then my advice is always to operate a regular checkpointing plan (say every evening), and store individuals files &lifier and rsync from the depot files to some Dropbox folder so that they get pressed out instantly. If you are following a simple script to complete the backup &lifier checkpointing, then I have written something which should enable you to get began. See this link

Wouldn't copying the equipment (online) be simpler and attain the same result?

Using the backup route:

  • You receive the rate &lifier responsiveness of the local Perforce server.
  • Backup safeguards not only Perforce.
  • You will find more backup solutions therefore it is simpler to locate one which meets your needs.

A would like to purchase a Perforce on the reasonable subscription basis, too. Had no luck to locate such provider, too. It will be a great way for Perforce to advertise their tool. $740 is simply to steep to entice people. Sad to determine, when i consider it the very best resumes available (when it comes to getting control and becoming work done).

I additionally have (for any personal project) a in your area installed Perforce.

For file security: Well, support the whole Perforce Folder and whereever P4ROOT resides (normally for the reason that folder) regularly. Shut lower the Perforce service before you decide to do, turn on later on. On Home windows, I discovered Cobian backup to become a useful gizmo, to complete everything mixed with. I don't know, if Perforce could be comfortable with "quickly" backup, I'm simply not using the risk.

Such regular full backup copies should be thought about mandatory, even when your Server were living in Fort Knox. In the end, there's hard disk drive failure but the possibiity that the perforce structure will get corrupted. Although I can not tell of merely one such incident with Perforce.

FYI, the latest Perforce certification enables Perforce for use free of charge by 50 percent options: 1) (as before), 2 customers, limitless files 2) limitless quantity of customers, but restricted to for the most part 1000 files

You might have the ability to run Perforce on Amazon's EC2 platform. Unless of course your codebase is actually huge, you need to have the ability to make use of the AWS Free Usage Tier. .

This really is in certain respects much better than a taken care of service, for the reason that you will have full treatments for the Perforce server instance, as well as the freedom to change to a different Resumes if something better arrives.

From Perforce Certification &lifier Prices the very first 20 customers are in $740 per user. This drops to $270/user after 10k customers. Which does not range from the other hosting costs or Perforce support.