Excuse the entire noob question, but here goes:

I have got a VPS running Ubuntu that is hosting a lot of WordPress sites. Let me have the ability to setup contact forms, so website site visitors can get in touch. It appears like I want some type of mail stack installed, so WordPress plug ins can message me the data site visitors complete on the website.

So my real question is: what programs (like sendmail) should i setup in order to get email delivered to me once the contact forms are completed? I'd rather not ever connect with the VPS to transmit mail, I'd rather not connect with the VPS to gather mail (no POP or IMAP needed), I only want applications around the VPS to transmit me emails.


If you're server is *nix based you'll be able to install 'SENDMAIL' and configure you webserver for doing things. It'll send mail directly without POP or IMAP. Google "how you can configure SENDMAIL with 'your-web-server'"