I must open an exterior link inside a lightbox on my small Wordpress site. I've attempted both wordpress-prettyPhoto and Lightbox 2 plug ins, but happen to be not successful to date.

I'll most likely need to use an iframe, however i would rather to not load it using the page. I must have the ability to click a hyperlink, which reveals the iframe inside a lightbox.

A good example of the kind of functionality I'm seeking are available here: http://www.bingocardcreator.com/articles/developing-shopping-cart.htm

I've been using tipsandtricks-hq lightbox wordpress plugin, works fine, with images, and youtube/vimeo videos.

If you want help regarding how to employ this free wordpress plugin, take a look here...


Wordpress Facebox is very outdated and never examined around the latest versions of wordpress and I have attempted utilizing it to load iFrames with no luck. I have experienced about 5 lightbox style plug ins and all sorts of given problems if this involves iFrames. A number of them load the lightbox effect fine however the actual remote content does not load.

I have attempted lightbox plus, easy float box, wordpress facebox, advanced lightbox, fancy box ... and I am sure there have been another 2 boxes of some kind.

another option would be to set up nextgallery custom fields, add your "image_url" instructions here:

i installed shadowbox wordpress plugin which labored much better than facebox

ps for shadowbox you'll need to return to gallery options effects and choose CUSTOM add the next code: rel="shadowbox[%GALLERY_Title%]width=600height=380" <--you are able to remove the width and height however the player is simply too small for videos otherwise specified

ps this fixes ngg (nextgen image video gallery) player resizing problems

The reply to your condition is Wordpress-FACEBOX, open everything (photos, html, romte sites, even single divs) inside a jquery lightbox-style overlay... ajax powered.

Try Thickbox, it's iframe functionality.

Be cautious however, it develops surface of JQuery. Should you or your plug ins uses another framework already, do your favour and search for one which develops that. Using multiple frameworks means trouble, even much more in Wordpress since you can hardly control what will get incorporated when.

Try MultiBox